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I hope you find these free downloads useful. You may use them for personal or commercial projects. You may not sell them, individually or bundled, in any way.

 There will be more added in the future so be sure to check back often or sign up to receive announcements.


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Watch the LUT Video Tutorial to learn how to use LUT's in Affinity Photo.

Warm Morning

This LUT will brighten up and gently warm an image.


The Avacado LUT was created to brighten and add a touch of warmth to a mostly green image.

Overcast Zoo

Overcast zoo gives warmth to images taken on overcast days.


Watch the Macro Video Tutorial to learn how to install and use these macros.

My Macros

My Macros includes the following macros for Affinity Photo:

Circular Bokeh, B&W with Curves, Non-Destructive dodge & Burn, Rich Warmth

Inpainting after Straightening

Inpainting after straightening is a useful macro for quickly filling in the blank areas that are left after straightening an image.


Backgrounds & Overlays